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The story of seacycle. 

Did you know that by 2050 the plastic in the ocean will outweigh all of the oceans fish? I couldn't believe it either! As I was reading more and more devastating facts, I knew I needed to do something, just anything, to help.

That's when I started trash collecting!

From little picks on walks and river cleans, to bike tandem adventures to particular beaches we knew had a lot of plastic on it. Trash collecting became an almost daily thing to do! It turned into a treasure hunt for me and my partner, finding little lego men and other perculiar things. It may sound crazy, but its the best way to keep up morale at times when the trash is never ending!

Lettie of Seacycle Mosaic

I started to realise how colourful the plastic was that we were finding and always questioned how much purpose this piece of plastic had actually managed to serve before finding its way dumped in the ocean...(usually very little). I needed to find a way of re-purposing the plastic and other bits of trash we were finding and I also wanted to mosaic too, and thats when 'Seacycle Mosaics' was created! 

Seacycle mosaics

Trash to make a splash! 

All the mosaics are made from the rubbish that we find, including the wood that it's made on, even down to the fishing rope hanger on the back!  No piece is wasted, and all is recycled!

I get that not everyone is able to head out to do a daily beach clean no matter how much they may want to, but I can do that for them, or you can drop your plastic outside Disco Beads and I will use it to make a creation!

I want people to know that when they are buying a Seacycle Mosaic, they are actually helping as that plastic is no longer in the ocean, but being appreciated for much longer as art! 
 Seacycle pineapple
 As you can imagine, making art out or random peices of plastic means nothing is ever the same and every peice is unique and a one off. Check out my intagram site to see the latest pieces i have made with the palstic from the beaches here: Seacycle Mosaics


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