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Free Shipping on UK orders £25+ : Want Your Jewellery Customised? Give Us A Shout!
Free Shipping on UK orders £25+

Fundraise Yourself!

We love to help, and what better way than by creating a custom pattern or design to represent your Charity or Group?

We can then arrange an agreed quantity at a discounted price so that when you sell them on, you DOUBLE YOUR MONEY for your charity, community group or fundraiser!

To enquire about supporting YOUR charity or community group just fill in the form below and see further information at the bottom of the page.

It can be difficult to ask for money, but there are times when we need to, particularly if it is to support a worthy cause or enable funding for a special event.  That's where Disco Beads come into their own, because you can create a customised item using your group colours or a particular charm, and people will LOVE to buy one because they are getting something cool for their money!  They can then act as a talking point to  further spread the word about your particular cause, because people will notice the Bracelet and it will be a talking point! 

disco Beads Charity Fundraising ideas
We can customise Bracelets, Keyrings, Bookmarks or an idea of your choice!  You can choose the colours to match your cause or group, or perhaps add a relevant charm (such as a heart for the Heart Foundation).
When we have finalised colours and numbers, we will make your stock and get it out to you!  Every piece will come with our gift Organza Bag and we can also help you with promotional material or perhaps a Guest Blog spot that links to your donation page and spread the word about your chosen charity.


Disco beads Charity Fundraisers Find out more about previous campaign here!