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  • Colour Charm - SPECIAL- Disco Beads
    Original price £3.00 - Original price £3.00
    Original price £3.00
    £3.00 - £3.00
    Current price £3.00

    Colour Charm

    In stock

    Colour Charm Our colour charm for the 2020 catalogue - this is in Alphabetical order like the new catalogue.  Use it to demonstrate the colour page...

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    Original price £3.00 - Original price £3.00
    Original price £3.00
    £3.00 - £3.00
    Current price £3.00

This Section is used for our Disco Bead Ambassadors only, if you wish to find out more about our Ambassador program, Click Here

The great story of Disco Beads success is due in large part to the Ambassador Scheme. When it all began in a sleepy little beach side shop, we knew that the best way to get the word out was to encourage all our lovely Summer visitors who had found and loved us to spread the word! And thus the Ambassador scheme was born. Fans who had found us by accident could take their own piece of the magic back to where they came from, and in the process earn themselves some money and grow their own Disco Beads collection at a discounted rate!

Why become an Ambassador for Disco Beads?
  • Disco Beads are such an easy sell, everyone loves them!
  • Making money and working from home
  • So unique, once you have one you want another!
  • New converts become returning customers
  • Stylish catalogue to Assist with branding and images
  • Grow your own Disco Beads collection at a discounted rate!
  • No targets, no stock to buy, just heaps of commission and fun with friends, family and colleagues!
  • Be your own boss!

Wholesale Disco Beads

Do you have a shop or outlet and would love to stock Disco Beads?
We offer a range of products to wholesalers throughout the UK, Europe and Abroad, so why not give us a call or Contact Us to find out further information. Stockist packages start from £200 (ex VAT) and we have a huge range