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Free Shipping on UK orders £25+ : Want your Jewellery Customised? Give us a Shout!
Free Shipping on UK orders £25+!

Our Charities

We support different Charities with every new Catalogue and Season.  These are our current Charities. 

Get in touch if we can help you with your Charity or if you have a recommendation for us! 

Disco Bees

Supporting bee populations with our Disco Bee collection, each one comes with 900 wildflower seeds.
NEW colours and a keyring for 2021 to celebrate a total of over 4 million wildflowers!
Disco Bees - Jewellery with the added bonus of 900 Wildflower seeds

Bluetits Chill Swimmers

If you have been down to a beach recently, you may have noticed ever growing groups of women laughing and joking themselves into the icy waters in only their swimming costumes!

Bluetits Chill Swimmers - £1 from each item in this range goes to Mind Cornwall

Eden Projects

We plant a tree for every single order!
Together we have planted 49,000 trees! find out more below: 

Every bead Plants a Seed Disco  Beads

NEW! Echo Collection

Our NEW Echo Collection is made from three eco and sustainable Bead products: Stone, Wood and Glass.  Each Stone Item provides a breakfast for a disadvantaged UK child, each Glass item pays for clean, safe drinking water for a year and each Wood item plants an extra tree! 

Echo Collection

Can we help to support YOUR Charity or Community group?

Find out more by clicking the image below!

 Fundraiser for YOUR Charity