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Royal Cornwall Show 2023

Royal Cornwall Show 2023

This week its time for another whole different type of Cornish festival altogetherA festival of farming and all that is the great outdoors. From goats to sheep to ducks to birds of prey, The Royal Cornwall Show (now in its 230th year), is a massive event down here, and its not just the vast numbers of animals wandering around in various rings and pens, its the hundreds of stalls (including our very own Disco Fairies providing some gorgeous reflective glittery goodness, as always!).

How to find us

This year we have moved our location a tiny bit so that we have alot more space to bring you some fantastic show specials and limited one time offers! See above to find where we are!

Every year the event attracts around 120,000 visitors who come to see everything from award winning cows to a tent filled with rabbits the like of which youve never seen, and rare pigeons that wouldnt look out of place on Strictly Come Dancing!

Royal cornwall Show

Its a show of total wonder, especially if youre relatively new to Cornwall like me and dont worry if livestock isnt your thing, you can peruse street after street of stalls selling everything from huge agricultural machinery to speedboats, hot tubs, wind chimes, and sewing machines. (Two years ago I bought one of those very sewing machines, and have so far racked up a dress, a bag, a pair of trousers and several cushion covers!)

The best thing about the show is the mix of people who go there and the crazily eclectic list of things to see and do. Theres The Adrenaline Tour with quad bikes flying through the air. The RAF Police Dogs showing off their dog skills. Theres a steam fair, a flower show, a farming pavilion full of locally grown food. Theres live music, blacksmiths demonstrations, a motor fair, street theatre and wood carvers. My favourite bit though has to be getting up close and personal to animals Ive never met before. In fact I think it was this very show where I started my love affair with the alpaca!
Come and see us at Royal Cornwall Show 
Of course, when you're done with wandering around taking all that in, you can always indulge in a cheeky Cornish cider. Happy days!
The Royal Cornwall Show runs from the 8th - 10th June  2023 at the show ground in Wadebridge. Click here to find out more!
Talking outdoors, watch this space for some tip tips on the art of camping!
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