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This is PRIDE month, and as well as a complete range of bracelets for numerous identifications, our  mindful message is the Pride tag line of 'Love is love'. 🌈

We can none of us know what it is like to walk in the footsteps of another, to have had shared their joys and sadnesses, to have learned from their experiences, to have felt the emotion and heart ache of their path through the world.  

But what we can know is that to be a human is to wish to be accepted as we are, to be valued for our own choices and preferences, to be respected for whom we are.  We know this because it is what we wish for ourselves, and can therefore extend that awareness and courtesy to all our fellow (wo)men.

Disco Love

Over time, what is and what isn't acceptable or considered the norm changes.  Only two hundred years ago the legal age of marriage was 12 for girls and 14 for boys.  Since 1967 the UK's age of consent has been 16 for opposite couples and only in 2001 did this become equal for men with men.  That is only 19 years ago, which marks how displays of sexual love other than that considered biologically 'normal' have been ostricised and disregarded and treated unfairly, leading to the righteous call for different sexual identifications to be recognised and accepted and thus labelled and acknowledged and welcomed into the forefront of an advanced society.


Whilst this is a completely right and understandable progression, perhaps we can also aim our arrows of intent towards a future where we all identify as 'a lover', and that's all we need to say. 

Love is love, and that is all there is, has ever been and ever shall be. 

Anything less is beneath us. 

Aim high my friends, we are all in this together.

Let there be love. :)

 Pride Collection

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