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Fancy a future in Media Studies?

Fancy a future in Media Studies?

Last year we were lucky enough to be contacted by Media Studies students Hannah and Sarah from Gloucestershire University.  They wanted to make a Disco Beads advert as part of their final studies, and of course we agreed!

We are proud to show you the results of their hard work here, and also for them to give a little more info for anyone interested in following in their footsteps!


What do you like about Gloucestershire Uni?

Gloucestershire University is quite a small University which allows you to make close friends and have more one to one time with lecturers making the university experience more personal. The environment is very friendly, welcoming and feels like a home away from home.

What is your course and what qualifications will it give you?

Our Course is called Media Production, it is a three year Undergraduate course which will give us a BA Honours Degree. Our graduation is November 22nd 2018.

What has been your favourite part of the course?

Our degree has a variety of modules which allow us to explore different aspects of the industry and allows us to be as creative as wish with our own ideas. Our degree unlike most gives us a range of potential jobs post-graduation and doesn’t keep us stuck at one job for the rest of our lives, allowing more freedom.

Hannah and Sarah Ocean Productions

Why did you choose Disco Beads for your final project?

We chose Disco Beads due to our love of the coast, and both being from coastal towns. We first heard about the company through friends and fell in love with the unique jewellery when we had a look for ourselves. We love how the jewellery comes to life in the light and looks beautiful on anyone. After speaking to Vic and the team they all were so cooperative, helpful and kind, we knew Disco Beads was the company we wanted to work with.

What was your biggest challenge in making the advert?  How did you overcome it?

The weather was a massive challenge due to the heavy snow we received at the beginning of the year. Originally we were going to drive to Cornwall for the advert but were unable to due to weather conditions. This gave us the idea to use the beautiful Cotswold forests and create the advert from Gloucestershire.  We had a back-up plan from day one just in case of potential weather issues and are now very grateful for this and are proud of what we achieved.

What would be your ideal job in the future?

We have been working hard on creating our advertising company, ‘Oceanfront Productions.’ We hope to continue growing our business but also as we are soon to become graduates we are keeping an open mind for any opportunities thrown at us as we are excited to see what is ahead for the both of us. Follow us on Instagram here.

Any advice for fellow students going on to do media studies? 

The advice from the both of us would to be to try out new things within the course as you can learn about the skills you already have and expand on new ones, keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to express your ideas. We know from experience it is not always easy to explain your creative ideas as you can be worried that people will not see your vision. However, it’s always better to say something because it’s more than likely people will love and appreciate your ideas.

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