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Circus Funtasia 2019

Circus Funtasia 2019

One of the best selling films of 2018 was the wonderful top-tapping Greatest Showman. A glittering celebration of all things circus. The story of the great Phineas Taylor Barnum, creator of the world famous Barnum and Bailey Circus back in 1871.You can read a potted history of the circus here. It’s quite fascinating….

Going to the circus has been a family favourite pastime for literally hundreds of years. Being entertained by the bizarre and surreal was where it all started, and then came the contortionists, the jugglers, acrobats, clowns, trapeze artists, fire eaters, the list goes on. Daring, entertaining and often downright dangerous, circuses are tents of wonder and I dare any adult not to remember the first time they went to the circus as a child. I know I do.

Of course back in the day animals played a big part. Elephants standing on each other’s backs and lion tamers waving big sticks at sad looking lions in cages. Thankfully the use of animals has massively dwindled over the past couple of decades and the kind of circus we see today is a whole new ball game altogether.
Embracing the spectacle of more modern activities like riding a motorbike at high speed around a vertical ring (oh yes), circuses are now more high octane than ever before, and Circus Funtasia is one of them.
Circus Funtasia - Go check them out!
Formed in 2013 by Tracy Jones (who ran away to join the circus at sixteen!) and her partner Julio Nikolov (a highly acclaimed acrobat), it’s jam packed full of thrills and spills the like of which you’ve never seen (and, yes, that includes a bunch of gravity-defying motorbike riders!). Having had a successful career as a tightrope walker, Tracy has put her rope away now to take the role of centre stage as the Ringmistress, and this year we’re chuffed to welcome her and her merry troupe down to Cornwall!
Here are a few our our favourite images from last year (so we don't give away this years activities)
Now thats how to Hula Hoop
Playing With Fire!
Look at that power
Click here for all the dates and venues and to get tickets and here to find out what you’re missing if you don’t!
Circus fantasia - where and when!
So - roll up, roll up and go have yourselves some fun at the circus!
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