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Yippee... Our end of season sale is NOW ON!

Get yourself a super bargain from one of the sections below...something for everyone at reduced prices!

Go on you know you deserve it!

 Bracelets - SALE with Bracelets from £2 Anklet - SALE 

   Necklace Sale Accessories sale - Bag charms and more Make your Own SALE Kids Sale page

 Xmas Decoration Sale

Clear headings for Necklaces, Bracelets, Kids, Anklets, and Accessories will help you navigate, but don’t be scared to browse because you just don’t know what little gems you may find!

Some of the sale items are coming to the end of season, some of our darker Winter colours will be less ordered as we move towards the Spring months so any over stock that we have left after the Christmas rush can also go in there!

Anklets are certainly fashionable all year round, especially these funky reflective beaded ones,  but as boot weather and woolly socks take over, over stock on Anklets can also get a special price deal!  Perfect time to stock up if you  just can’t get enough anklet action....or if you are going somewhere warm on holiday soon!

Some items are coming to the end of their production as we make way for NEW products, so keep an eye out for these end of line items too! Sometimes if we only have a couple left then it is better to clear the decks and start again with a new then the occasional spanker sneaks in there!  

Keep your eyes peeled!