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Bless The Rains Down in… Australia

Bless The Rains Down in… Australia

So finally the rain has arrived in Australia providing a bit of respite, and not a minute too soon. The images of raging fires ravaging community after community wiping out everything in their path will stay with me for ever. A few of those I’ve heard interviewed who witnessed the devastation used the word ‘apocalyptic’, and I can see why. Some towns literally look like a nuclear bomb has been dropped on them. 

Australia Bushfires

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought a lot about all those poor people who lost everything to those monstrous flames (as I tucked into my Christmas dinner in the comfort of my own home). Many Australians won’t be able to stay in anything even vaguely resembling a home for many months, or even years. 

My respect for all those facing hardship is immense, and as for their bravery… Those huddled on the beach for three days waiting to be rescued as their town was engulfed in front of their eyes. Those who were dousing their houses in water right up to the last minute in an attempt to save their homes, and in not a single interview have I seen despair in their faces. It’s all been about onwards and upwards. Just incredible. 


Nature, both human and otherwise, simply won’t be beaten. A woman whose village was destroyed said most of the population want to stay and re-build, and that’s a story I keep hearing time and time again, and the same goes for the plantlife. Decimated land and scorched earth is already giving birth to new shoots. Talk about pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again

Help WWF Australia campaign

15.6 million acres have been torched and 1400 homes destroyed, but the real tragedy is the heartbreaking number of animals killed by the fires. The current estimate is over 1 billion. 1 billion! It’s thought some species may have been wiped out altogether. One of the worst affected animal populations is that of the koala. It’s estimated that over 8000 have perished since the fires began in September because, unlike the kangaroo, they simply couldn’t outrun the flames. That’s almost 30 percent of the New South Wales population destroyed after at least 30 percent of their natural habitat was raised to the ground. 

The WWF is currently collecting donations to restore their habitats and

you can donate here.

panda campaign WWF Australia

So us Disco Bead fairies wanted to send some love to all those gorgeous animals who need the help of us humans to rebuild their lives. We’ve created our very own Panda Bracelet and Panda Earrings , and for every purchase we’ll give £1 to help the Australian wildlife recover from the devastating bushfires.

In the meantime, please let’s also keep that raindance going!

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