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Magic Breakfast

Magic breakfast is a not for profit registered Charity, aiming to end hunger as a barrier to education in UK schools through the provision of healthy breakfasts to children living with food poverty.

Magic Breakfast

“These kids only have one chance at childhood, and one chance at education. Education is going to be their best way out of poverty. By feeding and valuing them, Magic Breakfast makes a practical difference to these children every single day.”

Quote from the Head of Extended Hours, De Bohun Primary School, London.

They aim to ensure that no child in their partner schools is too hungry to learn by providing healthy breakfast food and expert support to help identify and reach those pupils at risk of hunger. A hungry child cannot concentrate so could miss out on half a day of lessons every school day if not given anything nutritious to eat first thing.

magic Breakfast

Each Echo Stone item provides a donation to Magic breakfast to ensure that a UK child receives a good breakfast each morning.  Your gift will be celebrated on a presentation card that is sent out with each item, and noted on your invoice.

Magic breakfast