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Free Shipping on UK orders £25+
Together we have PLANTED 20,000 TREES!

Together we have PLANTED 20,000 TREES!

A year ago Disco Beads began on our mission to help reforest the world!  We wanted to give something back, so for every order placed online and instore we joined with Eden Projects to plant a tree!  With your help...we have planted 20,000 trees so far!

To celebrate this amazing achievement we have created a  Limited Edition 'Tree of Life' Pendant,
and for every pendant sold we will plant AN EXTRA 10 TREES!

Tree Pendant - Planting Trees to reduce CO2
Not only do the trees help us to combat global warming and deforestation, but they also help some of the poorest communities in the world who are employed to sow, nurture, plant and protect those trees as they grow!
Giving back and providing Jobs for poorer communitees
Read more about this amazing organisation here,
and a


To you our fantastic Disco Beads Stars who have made this possible. 
You really are the reason we go to work every day!
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