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How I became a Wish Walker!

How I became a Wish Walker!

Since I was a teenager, my dad and I talked about walking the 4daagse, the biggest 4 days walking event in the world, in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Over 45000 people walk it every year, including a lot of military groups from all over the world. It requires serious preparations and training because you walk 40 kilometers a day, let's say about 9 hours a day, for 4 days! So we talked about it but never got to the point to really do it, and why? Just because life happens... There is always something...

4 Days Walk holland
Now, my dear dad died, and we will never go for a walk again. I immediately decided to start training and participate in this year's 4daagse. I use the long walks to think about what I lost and about the good things in life. Just a few months ago I also lost my mom... The one who understood so well why I was walking.. So now, I am even more determined to start in July and do it!

The walk of the World 

To make it even more special, I decided to become a Wish walker, so that with my achievement I can raise some money for a wonderful charity. The Make-a-Wish foundation. This foundation makes wishes come true for very ill children... That is so important and beautiful, I love what they do.  One little boy's greatest  wish was to play the drums for a marching band, and they made it come true!

I sure hope that I will complete the 4 days, for me, my mom and dad, and for the wishes of those children..

This is a YouTube link for the walk

You can sponsor me here if you like! 
When I am not walking,I am also an artist!  You can visit my work here:
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