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Magical 'Make your Own!'

Magical 'Make your Own!'

We are excited to release our ALL NEW 'Make your Own' jewellery kits!

For the start of the spooky season, we have a classic favourite 'Magical' Set!

Featuring character Fimo figure beads, a 'lightning bolt' charm and a '9 3/4' charm along with Disco Beads in Gold, Red and Gunmetal, this set is sure to be a hit with those who you know who!

Enough string, tags, beads and bits to make three adult Bracelets or a Necklace or Anklet and Bracelet as you like! Now in a funky red Pillbox case it makes the perfect gift for a creative soul.

MAgical Make your own kit!

Standard Kits

Our standard kits are now in smaller packaging and make three Bracelets for the NEW price of £12. What a perfect gift and imaginative present for the fun loving  fashionista!  Let them enjoy creating patterns and playing, improving dexterity and skills or even making presents for others as two 'Handmade by' tags are included in the set. 

Video instructions are available online, as directed on the Kit label, but the string is easy to knot and the beads have 1mm holes for easy use.  Please note, we recommend Super Fine for children under 8 or 10 depending on how patient and dexterous they are.  Ultra Fine is much more fiddly and easy to drop!

Each set includes:

Super Fine

  • .90m strong elasticated string
  • 11.5g 6mm Super Fine Disco Beads
  • 3 x silver Jewellery tags
  • 2 x 'Handmade by' gift cards

Ultra Fine

  • .90m strong elasticated string
  • 5.7g 4mm Ultra Fine Disco Beads 
  • 3 x silver Jewellery tags
  • 2 x 'Handmade by' gift cards
Ultra Fine Making Kit

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