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Celebrating with Flowers!

Celebrating with Flowers!

Our NEW Spring Collection is created to honour the beautiful return of life to the earth we are beginning to feel!  Many items come with seedballs to spread wild flowers to create new life and feed the butterflies and bees.

Spring Collection

We have launched it to coincide with Imbolc, celebrated normally around February 1st or 2nd, which marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Derived from the Gaelic word "Oimelc," meaning "ewe's milk," Imbolc is a traditional Celtic festival that honors the first signs of Spring and the awakening of the earth. This ancient festival holds deep spiritual significance, associated with the Celtic goddess Brigid, symbolizing light, inspiration, and the stirring of life.

Historically, Imbolc was a time of purification and preparation for the agricultural season. It celebrated the return of longer days and the increasing strength of the sun, marking the beginning of lambing season when ewes would lactate, providing a source of nourishment after the scarcity of winter.

Has Winter seemed long? Are you grateful for the return of the light?  Perhaps you could create your own Imbolc rituals and embrace the energy of spring.  Here are some ideas to help you.

  1. Candle Lighting: Light candles to symbolize the returning warmth and light. You can use white candles to represent purity and new beginnings or candles in the colors of spring like green and yellow.

  2. Altar Decor: Create and decorate a space or altar in your home with symbols of Spring, such as fresh flowers, seeds, and sprouted bulbs. Incorporate images or statues of Brigid to honour her as the goddess of the season.

  3. Spring Cleaning: Imbolc is an ideal time for physical and spiritual cleansing. Engage in a thorough spring cleaning of your living space, decluttering and creating a fresh and vibrant environment.

  4. Seed Blessing: Bless seeds that you plan to plant in the coming months. Hold a simple ceremony where you infuse them with intentions for growth, abundance, and prosperity.  These can be both literal or metaphorical seeds.

  5. Feast of Light: Prepare a festive meal using seasonal ingredients. Dairy-based dishes, representing the ewe's milk, are traditional. Incorporate foods like cheese, milk, and bread.  (You could always use plant milk!)

  6. Nature Walk: Take a nature walk to observe the first signs of Spring. Look for budding plants, early flowers, or signs of animal activity. Connect with the rebirth of nature.

  7. Crafting: Get creative by making your own Spring-themed crafts. Create a Brigid's cross or craft jewelry with symbols representing light and growth.

Remember, the essence of Imbolc lies in celebrating the returning light, acknowledging the dormant life awakening in the earth, and expressing hope for the coming season. Feel free to adapt and personalize these suggestions to create meaningful and fulfilling rituals that resonate with you and your spiritual beliefs.

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