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Disco Beads - Behind The Scenes!

Disco Beads - Behind The Scenes!

We have had the big ‘Ta da!’ reveal of our awesome new Autumn/Winter 2018 catalogue (including the much anticipated return of one of our favourite Autumn-tastic colours - oh yes!), so now we wanted to share a little of the craziness by taking you behind the scenes on some of our photo shoots…

It goes without saying, we’ve always got some extra little fairies on hand to help in any way they can, from modelling the latest looks to offering up some extra direction from the sidelines.

Kids helping on photoshoots

Basically, every time we get the camera out, it’s all about mastering the art of invention and making the most of what we have. Thankfully, Disco Beads HQ is located in one of the best spots on the planet, the beautiful Mawgan Porth, so we really don’t need to look that hard!

Take this, for example. One of the more exotic locations that’s quite literally on our doorstep.

Mawgan porth beach in winter


And even when it’s snowing outside (we kid you not!), we can re-create the whole beach vibe in the comfort of our own shop!

Bringing the beach indoors

Unsurprisingly, the shop gets used quite a lot. Being light and bright, it’s also a handy space to use for any extra make-up touches, such as the positioning of fake ears.


Pixie ears - Getting ready for a photoshoot

It’s all hands on deck too involving every available fairy. Here’s our very own Josie doing her best mermaid impression using a handy postal sack in preparation for the real thing…

Using a royal mail sack as a mermaid tail

And here she is again, modelling a stunning hand-crafted headdress. Never a dull moment!

Making our headdress

Then there’s Tom. Not only is Tom our resident photographer supreme, he’s also the guy who has to get creative when it comes to showing our Disco Beads in all their reflective glory…

Tom - Getting the shot

And it’s not just the angles either, there’s also the meticulous selection of unique locations, like this one. Guess where?

  Guess where?

Just outside our local public toilet. You’d never know it though, right?

 Local toilet... also a great place for a photoshoot!

Staying firmly carbon neutral, here’s one we took at a resort five minutes walk up the road called The Park.

Shooting locally

Needless to say, it doesn’t always go according to plan either. Here’s Vic lending a hand on the lighting front for a stunning autumnal shot…

Shooting by the road

…just before a car drives past.

We still think one of our most inventive shoots was the one involving a green smoke bomb. Thankfully we thought ahead and let our friendly local coastguard know, just in case. A good thing as it turns out. There was quite a lot of smoke!

Smoke on the beach!

Finally, hmmmm, what’s that man getting up to in the bushes…?


  In the bush!

Blowing bubbles out of this dog shaped bubble machine, of course!

Bubble machine

And one of our all time greatest moments... Standing on a table while someone lies on the floor... it can produce some amazing results!

Random moment making great images

So, now you’ve had a glimpse of some of the shenanigans, it’s time for us to shout ‘Ta da!’ all over again!  Hot off the press with the latest collection of all things Disco Beads, it’s the Autumn/Winter 2018 catalogue.

It’s free when you order online, or swing by and pick one up instore.







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