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Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming!

I really can’t believe that last Christmas was nearly a whole year ago. Crazy! Is it just me or have the last twelve months literally flown by? This year, one thing is for certain - 2019 has been it for raising awareness of the massive issue that is climate change thanks to the likes of the inspiring Greta Thunberg. But climate change isn’t just about cutting carbon emissions and increasing sustainability, it’s about the bigger picture and how our society has for far too long been obsessed with consumerism. If there’s one message that has come out loud and clear, it’s that our habits have to change, like now.

Disco Beads values

So this Christmas, why not do something a bit different with your gift buying? Instead of browsing the likes of Amazon, how about visiting your local charity and vintage shops instead? We love a charity shop, and there is always something to be found in there. Of course you can add your own touches to whatever you buy too. Personalise them a bit. The message is it doesn’t have to be new and shiny, it just needs to be thoughtful. And remember, for every order we take online and in-store we plant a tree!  How's that for a double gift?

Pimp up a Vintage bag!

Okay, so this was more of a self-gift, but you’ll get the idea. A second-hand handbag with a Disco Bead keyring that immediately added a classy touch and made it feel more like mine. Happy days. 
Bracelet, necklace and matching Bag!
So we had a good old play the other day with some more second-hand bags, and the results were brilliant!  We have even added a special decoration for you to buy for just that purpose...check out our HALF PRICE Wild West decoration here!
wild West Decoration
And why not team the bag with a necklace in a contrasting or matching colour? Or the favourite colour for the person you’re buying for?  Perhaps even a useful gift like  a Glasses available as a limited edition item in our Metallic Collection!
disco beads glasses string
While we’re at it, how about second hand books with the added personal touch of a bookmark..?
Book Mark Disco beads
Or you can always make something..? Every year I make a calendar of photos of my dogs, Trevor and Simon. Seasonal shots in various locations. Just pictures I’ve taken of them throughout the year. I’ve been doing it ever since Trevor, was a puppy. Every year they cost hardly anything, are fun to do, and every year they’re a big hit. (There’s even one hanging in my local pub.)
There are some nice ideas here on things to make including personalised soup jars!  Food is always a winner. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without my sister’s awesome mince pies!
There really are so many ways you can make this Christmas altogether kinder to the planet, plus it’s way more fun than just browsing the internet!
Lisa x
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