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disco fairies eating burritos

Best Street Food in and around Mawgan Porth

Street food is bang on trend, it's the hipster way of eating. It takes the concept of eating alfresco to a whole new level. Forget picnics or lunch boxes filled with soggy sandwiches, how about a box of noodles eaten with chopsticks on your lap on the sand, overlooking the beach….?

We at Disco Beads love our food! We are all foodie fairies who surprise each other with our lunchtime delicacies. One fairy choosing to eat out of a £30.00 Bento box! It's always snack time in the office and we're always feeding each other! Elevenses is usually marmite on locally baked bread and... plenty of Kernow chocolate!

I've been fluttering my fairy wings and binged out on the nearest and greatest street food venues, all in the name of research….. Well someone had to do it!

Here is my list of the best street food venues I have found right on out doorstep:

  • TreDragon Pizza. Tim is the builder and owner of the  clay pizza oven which sits at the bottom of the pitch and putt. He cooks and makes pizza  with love served with a cheeky grin. His pizza is always a winner! Forget dominoes or pizza hut, his pizza is locally sourced handmade and cooked to perfection in his own made clay oven. Tasty toppings cooked in the oven in the afternoon and served on your pizza in the evening. Now that's Fresh! His charismatic style and friendly attitude will make you feel like you're dining with an old friend as you pull up a seat on the picnic benches dotted at the bottom of the surrounding golf course. He is open from 5 opposite Disco Beads in Mawgan Porth most week nights during the Summer holidays.

Wood Fired pizza oven

  • Ansum Food Co. Roaming food from the fire... a handmade wood fired oven with a cheeky monkey twist takes pride of place in this beautiful renovated horse box. The Horse box has been cladded and turned into a very beautiful thing! On the doors you will find fresh growing herbs alongside the black board menu which is ever changing to make sure your always surprised with a tasty new alternative to lunch. inside is the very cool John who are passionate about serving up amazing food! Now i am going to make a bold burritos i have ever eaten! we are very lucky to have them park right outside Disco Bead Central on a Monday and ensure we are all fed and fed well! There burritos definitely make a Monday a lot more happier! Check out their website to find out where else you can find them, you can even book them for a special event. 

Ansum Food Co Van

  • NO 42. Noodles are made to order before your very eyes by the always eccentric and master of the wok, James. He takes street food to a whole new level as he brings us amazing and incredible tasty Asian food on our doorstep in Mawgan porth. He is a stone's throw from the beach and is super affordable. His handmade noodle van is cool, contemporary and renovated all by himself. He adds to the Asian ordering experience with his chopsticks and tin foil duck shaped wrapping which always makes me smile. His Duck pot noodle comes highly recommended. He also caters for vegetarians with his fake duck alternative, keeping vegetarians happy! He ventures around north Cornwall through the week, even stopping at a local campsite at the top of Padstow to feed all you hungry campers! Find him outside Disco Beads every Tuesday Night during the Summer hoilidays! 

No 42 outisde view standing in the sunshine

  • The Yolk'al. She's a beautiful Irish girl after my own heart, she is literally living my dream and has turned an old unloved horse box and made it into something kitsch, cool and usable as her very own business. She parks up and offers us all a friendly smile as well as delicious hot tea, homemade cakes and the breakfast you want to be up and out of bed for. Our favourite ‘huevos rancheros’ which translated means ranch eggs. This dish consists of a delicious spicy tomato sauce with perfectly poached eggs and avocado. Healthy and filling….what's not to love? This Summer she is doing the Cornish festival circuit ready and waiting with bacon and eggs to cure any hangover! Follow her on her Facebook page to see where she will be!

the yolk'al view from the back door with head chef Debbs

  • Laid Back Coffee. If you fancy a good coffee and a slice of something handmade, look no further than the Laid Back Coffee co! A family run business passionate about good quality ingredients and living life to the full. Their delicious and perfectly brewed coffee is served up at their beach side coffee shop in Porth. This family of coffee enthusiasts travel around spreading joy and delicious coffee everywhere they go. So much love for this family and what they are about! Head on down to Porth and grab a coffee and sit in the sun on the beach opposite. Perfect start to any day!


    • Laid Back Coffee Porth

    • Kao Hom. Thai food out of a food van! The gorgeous Thai ladies greet you with a friendly hello from inside the immaculately clean and tidy van and your order is ready in a matter of minutes, thai before your very eyes! although when busy I would recommend pre-phoning ahead with your order to save any delay as these ladies are in demand! Their food is all cooked fresh using genuine Thai techniques and beautiful ingredients, with the menu well laid out for even me to understand. It's fresh, well seasoned food that's authentic and delicious! If you want something a bit different, something from 'across the pond' I can't recommend their food enough! Find these ladies parked up in Newquay situated near Tesco Express. 

    Kao Hum tai traler

    So whether it's a Burrito or Noodles you're wanting or just a coffee and cake by the beach, make sure you try this street food for yourself. Summer evenings in Cornwall are just warm enough to enjoy sitting outside and there's nothing i love better than getting outside and enjoying a impromptu supper with good food in a great location whilst the sun sets!

    These street vendors have one thing in common they are local, independently run and sometimes family owned businesses that are out and about locally to ensure us folk are fed and fed well! We love their humbling hard working attitude and all they strive to bring us in well cooked and lovingly sourced local ingredients and well cooked grub. Check their Facebook Pages for info and all their upcoming events!

    Big Love and Happy Eating

    Here's to another scrumptious Summer season in Cornwall!



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