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Summer Days!

Summer Days!

Ask anyone who is lucky enough to live in this beautiful part of the country what their favourite time of year is and most will say either September, or right now, and this year we really have been truly blessed! Hot sunny days with not a cloud in the sky and beaches that still have space left on them (or for the next week anyway!). There is a particular bit of road I drive down a lot. It snakes and bends through a place called Watergate Bay climbing up a hill the other side to reveal what can only be described as a view that quite literally takes the breath away. High up on the cliff top with ocean as far as the eye can see, it’s a view that is constantly changing and I love it in all seasons, but the stunning turquoise colour of the water I caught the other day blew my mind. The calmest crystal clear greeny-aqua reflecting the bluest of skies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a colour like it. 

vitamin Sea Disco Beads

As it is everywhere, quite often when something is on your doorstep you tend not to, and swimming in our beautiful ocean is like that for me, but not that day. I was hot and had spent the day buzzing about the place busy with chores, but as soon as I caught sight of that glistening water at Watergate, I knew I had to get in it. I’m nowhere near hardcore enough to brave the water without some sort of neoprene layer, so threw on my shorty wetsuit and off I went. 

To say that it changed my world sounds a little dramatic, but it really did. Immersing myself completely in the cool water I literally felt all the stresses of the day (probably month, more like!) completely disappear. It’s a fact that cold water swimming releases endorphins (the happiness chemical in the brain) and I swear I could almost hear them jumping for joy as I took a breath and dived under a wave. Our lovely local surf dude, Kingsurf Pete, wrote a great piece on the benefits of cold water swimming recently , and he’s spot on. Quite seriously I felt the benefits the whole of the next day. So that’s it. I’m sold. No more ‘not today, it’s a bit cold’. I’m going to make it my mission to go in as much as I possibly can!
Dreaming of Summer
The ocean is why we live here. It’s also the focus for so many now who are determined to clean it up and protect it for generations to come.
There are regular beach cleans with some local bars even offering a free pint to those who take part! One of the most active organisation down here are Surfers Against Sewage , and we love them for the work they do to protect our beautiful coastline.  They even SUP-ed from Porthcurno to the Scilly Isles on Monday!   How amazing is that?
Surfers against sewage SUP from Porthcurno to Scilly
Anyway - the sun’s out and I’m off for another swim!
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