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Free Shipping on UK orders £25+

What Makes Disco Beads So Fabulous!

  • Glowing Jewellery!
  • Super Sexy Styles
  • Made in the UK, By the Beach!
  • Unique!
  • Spreading the Love since 2010!
  • Great Value!
  • Variety of Colours!
  • Latest Trends!
  • Competitions and Giveaways!
  • High Quality
  • Rave customer reviews!

Why are Disco Beads so Special?

Disco Beads are super Special and Funky. From Bracelets to Necklaces and Anklets to Earrings all our Beads have one awesome feature... they GLOW!

No matter whether you are walking around or taking a selfie with friends these magical beads will make you smile and fascinate those around you. If we said they do it by magic, then we're not far off…. The actual reason is that the beads themselves have a spherical mirror layer and a coloured coating on top, so when the light hits them they reflect as a cat’s eye does and appear to glow! Hence the name ‘Disco’.... they literally appear to light up! Flash photography captures the effect the best.

A huge part of what they do is how Disco Beads make you feel! There is a design and style to suit every pocket and every palate, but regardless of which you choose you are sure to stand out from the crowd and receive untold amounts of comments and compliments when you wear them! We love to hear the stories of Disco Bead lovers meeting in far flung airports and noticing each other only by the beads! Kuala Lumpa is about the most random place we know of where this has happened! If you have a magical Disco Beads story we would LOVE to hear it…. Email us or share your story on Facebook to let us know!