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'Make Your Own' Instructions

Get Creative and Become A Disco Bead Fairy in your own Home!

Check out the following video for instructions and helpful tips on how to make your own Disco Beads jewellery!

Look below for a step-by-step guide!

  1. Unwind some elastic but leave attatched to the cardboard tag, then thread your colours or pattern. Please refer to the table below for a guide of how many beads you will need for the items you are making:
  2. 6mm Super Fine 4mm Ultra Fine
    Bracelet 28-33 Beads 45-50 Beads
    Anklet 40-44 Beads 62-67 Beads
    Necklace 74-74 Beads 110-115 Beads

  3. Ask someone to help measure around your wrist to make sure it fits with the beads touching each other comfortably and no elastic showing between the beads.
  4. Remove the last bead and add on the a metal Disco Beads jewellery tag. Then replace the last bead so it is the correct size. Cut the elastic with enough space each side to tie together (we recommend 2 inches each side).
  5. Hold the string tight and tie a half hitch (start of a shoelace knot) three times, without letting the string go slack in between. Pull the beads apart to make sure the knot holds the bracelet together. If it comes undone, re-tie.
  6. Once you have checked that the knot is secure, cut the string ends close to but not on the knot.

Then your creation is ready to wear! And rememebr to take a flash photo to see the magic!

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