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Autumn / Winter 2020

just click the image below to see the full range of each colour! )


Warming, luxuriant hues to bring some colour and light to the season.  Evocative of the vibrant first rays of dawn, Coral, Mustard and Orange join Mauve and Turquoise in this beautiful new spectrum.

Inspire your life with all that the Sunrise represents:  hope, joy, peace and the chance of new beginnings.

Sunrise - New Colour for 2020


Inspired by the beautiful Cornish coastline, Serenity is our NEW spectrums for the Autumn/Winter season.

Deep Ink blue is set off by Mint and Snow, while the gentle tones of sea Pinks on the beach are picked up by Baby and Mustard.

Sophisticated and stylish.

Serenity - New for 2020

 Christmas Decorations

Here at Disco Beads, Christmas is a super special time!  Not only do we get to have fun making super funky light reflective jewellery, but we also get to make CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!!!  

Christmas Decorations - Perfect decorations for your Disco Beads Christmas!