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Team GB

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Go Team GB!

This Limited Edition range was exclusively available for the Olympics, but is no longer availible


We are supporting Team GB and all the amazing athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics!

Now you can too with these Funky, Reflective Disco Beads goodies ...  glow all the way to the Gold!.

Show your support with a:

  • Bracelet Bundle : This bundle gives the Instant layered look, allowing you to spend time supporting Team GB and not trying to figure out what to wear! It is made up of our best sellers, a Fine Bracelet, Super Fine Bracelet, Friendship and Ultra Fine Bracelet in our Team GB colours.  

  • Olympic Rings Our Olympic Rings are a great idea all worn together or for a different colour each day. The meaning of the Olympic rings is to signify unity and peace within the 5 major continents and that is the perfect message to convey. 
  • Holly Bracelet : This Claspless bracelet was picked by our customers by a Facebook vote... its no Boaty Mc Boatface but is a simple yet elegant bracelet to show your support for Team GB
  • Mini Graduated Necklace  : This is one of the original Disco Beads designs and has always been a favourite of our loyal fans, so we chose it  just to show our support of Team GB with this design. Its bold....its beautiful!