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Gl' Amour

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Put the glamour in the Amour with our NEW collection! 

New products added each week so keep checking back!

As the chilly wind blows us towards Valentine's Day and the first flushes of Spring, we have created the 'Gl' Amour' Collection to encourage a little love, positivity and colour into our lives!

Cupid Hearts Decoration disco Beads

Our Cupid Heart has a beautiful silvered heart created from a pair of wings, and will grace any home.  On a long open ribbon it can be tied simply to create a beautiful feature decoration.

Cupid Earrings and Necklace Disco Beads 

Also, our Cupid Necklace and Earrings feature a dainty little Angel, in five key colours.  Buy the set and save £2!

Wire Hearts Disco beads

We welcome back our delicately wrapped Wire Hearts with their stunning bright colours in a choice of all Spectrums.  These are visually stunning and available only as a Limited Edition...grab them while you can!

Message Bangle Disco beads

Or perhaps choose from our range of inspiration message Bracelets and Necklaces to remind you to focus on the positives and be all you can be!  Bring some mindfulness into your jewellery!

Disco beads positive Affirmation Jewellery