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Free Shipping on UK orders £25+

Facebook Choose-day LIVE Bracelet Collection

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Check out our Facebook page for our next LIVE announcement!

If you would like a custom item made before then, please get in contact here

This bracelet is limited to the ones made on the Live stream. First come, first serve!

New Bundle Offer! Select the bundle when buying your Facebook Live Bracelet and get a set of Earrings and an Ultra Fine Ring to match the Bracelet you have chosen, all for just £5! (That's a staggering saving of over £10!)

If you purchase one of these limited bracelets during the LIVE stream please ensure you have the right bracelet! We will assign a number to each bracelet as we make it. If you are purchasing one of these bracelets after the Live stream, the bracelet will be the one associated with the number even if you haven't seen it!

Each bracelet is limited to only what is made during the Live Stream. If you wish to purchase one you have seen, or another product with alternate colours or sizes please contact us here for custom items.

Please note! Adding this item to your cart does not reserve the item for you! You must complete the checkout and receive an order number before it will be confirmed as yours. As each bracelet is Limited it will be first come, first serve!