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This Spectrum was ONLY availible for APRIL as our guest Spectrum for the month, so is no longer available!

If you would like the fairies to make a one-off design or make something to a custom size for you, then just contact us here and let us know what your would like!

Exclusive Guest Spectrum Cleopatra is truly fit for a Goddess! Reflecting the beautiful rich hues of chocolatey brown, golden sands, azure skies and the dark ink of the River Nile, this regal and sumptous blend is a classic!

Only availible for April - so grab it quick!

The Cleopatra Collection hosts all the Disco Bead lovers favourites, and also a unique piece that is the first of it's kind!

The Cleopatra Cuff is a stunning multi stranded bracelet that blends mixed size Disco Beads with various antique toned chain links and gold highlighted ribbon. The clasp is a magnetic toggle with interlinking metal binds, very secure and easy to close...even with one hand once you have the technique! 

Reveal your inner Goddess in this truly stunning Collection!

Cleopatra Jewellery - Funky Costume Jewellery for Everyday