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Christmas Decorations

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Each year we launch a new range of FUNKY Decorations! 

Here at Disco Beads, Christmas is a super special time!  Not only do we get to have fun making super funky light reflective jewellery, but we also get to make CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!!!  
Using our cats eye Disco Beads in amongst  fairy lights adds a touch of magic that has to be seen to be believed!
Every year we create something new!  
This year we have our super Stripey Santa's with their fun dangly legs and beaded bobble hat, in three key colours.
What about our traditional style Wooden Decorations, with a Tree, Heart and Star in two colourways. Or our cute Pom Pom Reindeer in Red, Grey or Cream.
We also have a traditional style wood cut decoration for the purists;  an intricate laser cut Robin...doesn't have to be red you know!   Cleverly designed to hold a sparkly Disco Bead, they will sit perfectly amongst other decorations. 
Compliment your other decorations with our stunning  Teardrop Angels...choose between one large or our individual  little Angels... breathtaking or perhaps you could even say heavenly!  Not only do these look amazing on the tree, but many people keep them up as Guardian Angels throughout the year and often give them as Christening presents!  
We love our Wine Glass Charms!  A set of five in bright colours, or four in our Metallic Range for a touch of class! Who wouldn’t want to add a little extra fun to their drinky-poos?