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World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018

To celebrate World Book Day 2018, we have reduced all our book marks to HALF PRICE!  But once you have a great book mark, you really need an amazing book to go with it!

We asked the Disco Fairies to nominate their fave reads to help you choose something to get your teeth into!  Here's their top tips for a fantastic read!

Dark Matter

Dark Matter - Blake Crouch

From the creator of Wayward Pines (now available on Netflix), this epic sci-fi weaves a tale of multi-dimensional worlds and parallel dimensions that will blow your mind!  A really unusual and novel concept that makes you appreciate the simplicity of your own life!

A new Earth

A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle

This is the new Earth but all you have to do is realise it!  Eckhart Tolle went from suicidal emotional depression to until a pivotal moment in which he realised that; "I have had enough of myself".  The realisation that there was an 'I' and an 'myself' led him to an awakening about every day life and existence that he shares through this book.

How to be Human

How to be Human - Ruby Wax

A three way encounter between a Monk, a neuroscientist and Ruby Wax sounds like the set up for a joke! Instead it's produced a fascinating, intriguing and informative book about minds, bodies, brains and mindfulness. Makes a great thought provoking read.

Norse Mythology

 Norse Mythology - Neil Gaiman

A collection of tales of the gods of the nine realms told in a series of short stories, not unlike how they were probably told around the hearth fire in the days of old!  The stories upon which so many of our modern day tales are based, told in Gaiman's unique and compelling style.  Unleash your inner viking!

The Boy who Kicked Pigs

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs - Tom Baker

A dark comedy about a little boy who doesn't get along with other people!  A short easy read with laugh out loud moments!  Not a typical recommendation, but if you are into something a little more quirky this is for you.


Also some recommendations to read with children from babies to early years:

Where's Spot?

Where's Spot? - Eric Hill

In Spot's first adventure, children can join in the search for the mischievous puppy by lifting the flaps on every page to see where he is hiding!


Zog - Julia Donaldson

The endearing story of an accident-prone dragon and the princess who would rather be a doctor!  Inspiring!

George's Secret Key to the Universe

George's Secret Key to the Universe - Lucy and Stephen Hawking  

The first in a series of children's books that melds cosmology and adventure, co-authored by the amazing Professor Hawking and his daughter Lucy. Great for key stage two children...adventure and information, what's not to like?

 Cornish Book Fairy

If you love books and want to get more involved, don't forget to check out the Cornish book fairies adventures we wrote about in our blog here. Why not go to @bookfairies_cornwall on Instagram or The official Cornish book fairy on Facebook, and to get your very own book fairy stickers!

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