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Win an awesome pack of FESTIVAL GOODIES!

Win an awesome pack of FESTIVAL GOODIES!

At Disco Beads we LOVE competitions..especially when they are teamed up with like minded companies and local businesses!  So have we got a doozy for you! (you can enter HERE if you haven't already)

Our FESTIVAL PACK competition is pretty unusual, with a mixture of 'Wish Upon A Sparkle' glitter to create that perfect Festival look, delicious yummy Popcorn from West Country Portlebay Popcorn and a UNIQUE Disco Beads spectrum inspired by their colourful rainbow packaging!  You will be the ONLY ONE to own it!

Disco Beads competition

Here's a little more about these amazing companies!

Wish Upon A Sparkle was founded on a love of not only glitter and sparkles, but also on the love of making people feel amazing about themselves.

Wish Upon a Sparkle logo

They specialise in embellishing the face and body with party makeup, offering a professional face painting service to add a touch of class to any event. Whether it’s your office party, club launch night or wedding day – wish can give any occasion the extra sparkle it needs! With their vast experience at festivals, corporate events, parties, hen do’s and weddings, there’s no event they can’t glitz up. So, if you are interested in any of their sparkle services, please contact them via the enquiry form.  

glitter boobs!

Their glitter is now also available online here, or you can win a box of goodies in this competition to get you started...fingers crossed!

Now on to the tasty part!

In 2012, Jonty White and Neil Adams left Burts Chips to pursue their dream of creating a fun, trendy and delicious popcorn brand to rival those in the USA! They spent a year creating the product, and Portlebay Popcorn was officially launched in January 2013.

Happy popper - Making a Quirky cool product is fun!

Unlike other popcorn companies, they manufacture the popcorn completely in-house, to ensure the product it is totally unique, premium and delivers on flavour, something rarely seen in today’s fiercely competitive snack market.

The brand was inspired by their beautiful West Country location to incorporate a nautical theme with brightly coloured stripes and also ‘doffs’ their hat to the States, the place where  ‘popcorn is king’.

Born in Devon and inspired by the local beauty

Currently, they have ten unusual flavours in production, allowing them to stand out of the crowd. This eclectic range includes Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup, Lemon Sherbet, Chilli and Lime, Very Berry, Wasabi and Sweet Ginger, Cappuccino and the latest addition to the range, Sweet Thai Sriracha.  

Bright and Colourful packaging and beautiful flavour Popping the corn - Look at that gorgeous snack

The Fairies have tried them all....and love them!  And don't their colours make an AWESOME inspiration for a Disco Beads spectrum!  Hopefully you will be the one to win it!

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