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Why we LOVE Autumn!

Why we LOVE Autumn!

We really don’t need to tell you that the nights are drawing in and Autumn is upon us, but what we do want to say right here and now is, for us, it’s not so much about losing daylight, more gaining an extra hour of cosy fireside warmth!

autumn Disco beads 

We think Autumn can often be the most stunning season of them all. An explosion of the kind of colours we’ve not seen all year, and especially when we’re treated to the warm temperatures we’ve had recently, this Autumn promises to be nothing short of magical.

 mawgan porth disco Beads

So, to honour all of that, we’ve been working hard putting together a couple of new spectrums to help you make the most of this glorious time of year.

Before we move on to those though, it’s hello again lovely Coral. 

 Coral disco Beads

Not seen since April 2017, it’s the colour that sums it all up for us. Warming, earthy and stylish, it’ll add a pop of passion to any outfit. Coral is actually our very own take on umber, a reddish-brown natural earth pigment containing iron oxide and manganese oxide. Umber in fact comes in lots of shades, all of which depend on the balance of the two elements, and the word comes from the Italian terra dombra, meaning ‘earth of Umbria’, the stunningly beautiful Italian mountain range where it was originally extracted. Weirdly, it’s also a word linked to the Latin ‘umbra’ meaning ‘shadow or spirit’, unwittingly making it the perfect fit for Halloween too!


Another bonus of our fine umber hue is it provides the perfect segue to Orange, our birthstone colour for November, where we have simply turned up the vibrancy a few decibels to create a colour full of dynamic energy that’s all about moving forward in a positive and meaningful direction.


Our two new spectrums below were then created specifically to help balance out and channel all that earthy energy!


Meet Briar 

Biar Disco Beads

The wilder of our two new patterns. Full of berries, brambles, and hawthorns, there’s nothing prickly going on here we can tell you. Briar is about being abundant and fruitful in every area of your life. Moving through inks and purples with a splash of coral and a very light sprinkling of snow, if it’s a bit of powerful and passionate grounding you’re after, then Briar is where it’s at.


Introducing Autumn

autumn Disco Beads

Our Autumn spectrum, however, is a different journey altogether. Away from the rambling hedgerows and into the woods… With the sun rising over a carpet of reds, oranges and yellows peppered with shiny new conkers, it’s freshly chilled early morning air filled with the aroma of pine as tall evergreens sway in a gentle breeze… Autumn is rooted energy with earthy tints providing a warmth and comfort when needed.

So - be passionate, be vibrant. Be whatever you want to be during this beautiful season, and let nature do her thing, because we all know she really does know best!

briar disco beads
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