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When someone notices the magic!

When someone notices the magic!

I like to create the buzz, not follow the crowd…. I believe that individuality is personality, I wear bright colours and bold prints as I believe you should stand out and be counted for!

When someone notices, my accessories glowing their faces are automatically drawn to me…. they stop and stare and it's a conversation starter….

“Wow your necklace, it's glowing!”

Disco beads are eye catching, light reflecting beads that add to any outfit and suitable for any age………….

Glowing Jewellery for all ages and styles

Children can play around and dress up in the specially sized jewellery just for them. They even have a bracelet with matching necklace that looks like sweets…. Good enough to eat!

Women and men of any age can create a statement whether you're a surf dude wanting to add to your street cred or a woman about the office wanting to glam up the 9 - 5 uniform!

Worn by nurses, school teachers even the Prime Minister is in on the action….

Wear with pride and be counted for!

Big Love



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