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Viva la Pura Vida!

Viva la Pura Vida!

With one foot in the Caribbean Sea and the other in the Pacific, the rugged little South American country of Costa Rica knows exactly where its at when it comes to life philosophies - Pura Vida!

Pura Vida Disco Beads Collection

Pronounced poo-rah vee-dah, Pura Vida simply translated means Pure Life. Over there its not just an aspirational ideal, they take it so seriously its considered more a descriptor of how they like to live their lives, and we cant argue with that one. For those of us lucky enough to live in Cornwall, its definitely a theme down here too. In fact, on a personal note, its one of the reasons I decided to move here!

Pura Vida Collection Disco Beads

Pura Vida is all about embracing a slower and less demanding pace of life, and thats what the Costa Ricans pride themselves on, that and making the most out of what it has to offer. Those of you who have spent any time at all in Cornwall will know what I mean straight away. Theres no such thing as rushing and stress is something rarely experienced (unless you go to Morrisons on the first day of the Summer holidays - I wont be making that mistake again!).

D'reckly Cornish Time Disco Beads 
There is a word that exists down here - dreckly. It basically means will get around to it sometime in the future, but possibly never. Ill be with you dreckly…” might mean in an hour, tomorrow, next week, or not at all! I have to confess it does take a while to get into, particularly for someone whos spent their entire adult life living in London where everything is expected to be instantaneous, and blind fury can erupt when its not.
pura Vida Disco Beads Collection 
In Cornwall you let people pass in their cars and say thank you whether youre the one passing, or the one whos stopped. There is no frustrated honking on the horn, unless its to warn some unsuspecting tourist theyre about to get run over. If you end up stuck behind a tractor trundling along miles of country lanes, so be it. The scenery is gorgeous, the sun is shining, so who cares? Youll get there in the end. Oh, and lunch may take an hour to arrive but, know what? Thats just the way it is.
Pura Vida Collection Disco Beads
Take it from me, if you spend enough time living the Pura Vida (or as much as you can in these turbulent times), your body and your brain will thank you for it. The truth is were not actually built to sustain prolonged high levels of stress, hence the phrase burned out. Literally its when the body and mind cant take any more and has no option other than to shut down.
So, in order to help you activate that emergency stop button, slow down and refocus on the simpler things, weve created a whole new range!
The Pura Vida . Using the beautifully pure Snow beads with silver 
dividers to cradle a spectrum of colourful loveliness, the Pura Vida matching bracelet and anklet will be there to remind you to live life to the fullest not just today, but every day.
Viva la Pura Vida, or long live the Pure Life!
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