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Free Shipping on UK orders £25+
Vintage is the new modern!

Vintage is the new modern!

This weekend sees the return of the epically successful Bedruthan Steps Mid-century and Vintage Fair down in Mawgan Porth.

If you are lucky enough to be going....why not call in to the Disco Beads shop at Mawgan Porth just beside the car park where you will be parking and check out our NEW Vintage Collection on display in the store and also available online here! 

Limited numbers mean these necklaces/bracelets are limited editions and only available for a short time, while stocks last. Handmade with beads that Disco Vic has collected over the years and little gestures of glass and cloth make these new/old styled jewellery extra special.  We keep all our pieces in the price range of the ordinary gal so don't worry...there is something to suit everyone's pocket!

Vintage Necklace - Vintage Jewellery - Limited Edition

I am a sucker for anything vintage…… I love the feeling a vintage item gives me, when i’m floating around in a totally individual piece that isn't readily available to everyone, i’ve searched for it, it's found me….the garment has a story.. What era is it from, who made it, was it previously worn by someone for a certain occasion..?

I'm always rooting through charity shops, pre-loved stores searching for pieces of jewellery, clothing and homeware nick knacks that i know will be completely unique to me!

That feeling I get when someone comments on my new shoes and asks me where they're from and I state “they're vintage” ...the look of disappointment and intrigue from my peers...

Red Heels - Vintage Shoes

Vintage has been making a comeback over the past years, with high street fashionistas now preferring the thrift shop look with trends inspired by the past, the look of our elders, the look that no one can recreate or copy. Even the likes of Topshop and H&M are now bringing back retro styles from the fashion archives.

check out Disco Beads  new Vintage Range here.  Remember that most of our Vintage lines are Limited Edition, so if you dont find anything in the collection now, make sure you bookmark for later!

Stay unique, Rock you, Embrace Vintage

Big Love


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