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Valentine’s Day…. The single way!

Valentine’s Day…. The single way!

I am a single woman, I am independent, strong, sassy and an individual by choice. I should not dread the 14th of February…. This year I’m not!

Valentine's day is the day us gals need to make our own, with the world covered in love hearts and the sight of everyone's PDA (public displays of affection) everywhere you look. Whether you're in a relationship or not, I’m making this year’s valentine’s day a day for me, showing myself some love…………… and you should do too!

Start the day doing something active, a spot of exercise to motivate you. Getting outside for some fresh air is a great start to the morning...going for a stomp in the woods/breathing in the sea air on the beach. Take your time to take in your surroundings, concentrating on your own footsteps and breathing.

Start your day right!

The Afternoon could be spent allowing yourself some TLC, maybe visit the local spa for a facial or mini massage treat or Retail Therapy is always a great pick me up, take yourself to your local high street, splurge on a little something. You deserve it!

Unless you like the thought of being sat around a restaurant surrounded in soppy music, eating things that are described as aphrodisiacs, I’m thinking I’m going to stay clear of the local eatery instead I’m going to purchase my favourite foods and have myself a feast, if you fancy a splurge on some good food Marks & Spencer do an awesome Dine in For Two Offer which includes starter, main course and dessert with free bottle of wine all for £10 - it states for 2 so why not invite around your siblings, best friend, or even your mum and have a night in with your favourite people, spend time together and reconnect your relationship with them.

Healthy hearty meal

If you know of someone who is going to be spending valentine's day alone, send them some love. A card or note, even a text. it doesn't have to cost a lot just let them know why you love them and remind them you are their valentine – Spread the Love!

Big Love

Happy Valentines Day to you



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