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True Blue - December’s Birthstone

True Blue - December’s Birthstone

 Blue isn’t a colour we’d often associate with this time of year, but with Blue Zircon being December’s beautiful birthstone, we love the fact that blue is our star colour this month! Did you know that there are more variations of the colour blue than any other in the spectrum?

They all stem from three primary shades: indigo, sky blue and turquoise, which in turn branch out to such gorgeous colours as teal, royal blue, sky blue, azure, aqua (predicted to be one of the leading interior colours of 2019!), and the list goes on. Our Disco Beads take on this stunning gem is Electric Blue, which also happens to be one of our most eye catching stand-out colours, so whether you’re a December babe or not, this is one that’s guaranteed to liven up any Christmas party outfit!

 December birthstone disco beads

As it exists all around us in the oceans and the sky, cool, calming and life-giving blue is a colour we all easily and naturally connect with. Energetically too, blue is present in lots of ways. Turquoise and sky blue are the colours associated with the Throat Chakra (the centre of expression). Indigo is the colour of the Third Eye (vision, spiritually and clairvoyance), and blue in the aura concerns emotional sensitivity, but also communication in words, art and music, making blue an all round powerful and positive colour, particularly when it comes to any form of creative expression. 
twilight Disoc beads
However, despite all this positivity, it’s also a colour that can be linked to sadness, and there may even be some science behind it… ‘Feeling blue’ is a term dating back to the 1300s that has been attributed to Chaucer when he wrote the line ‘tears of blue and a wounded heart’, but scientists have since determined that blues really do get noticed more by people when their mood is low. Weird, right? Red is another colour that has a profound emotional response when extreme anger can cause some people to actually see red! (More on this another time…)
Of course we can’t talk about blue without mentioning The Blues. This great form of expressionist music that started in America took its name from the 17th Century English expression ‘the blue devils’, meaning the intense visual hallucinations that can accompany severe alcohol withdrawal. This connection is likely also why blue is associated with being in a depressed state. In the 1800s in the US, ‘blue’ was slang for dunk!
Psychologically, blue is a colour of trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. If it had a personality, it wouldn’t draw attention to itself, and would like to do things gently and in its own time. It would also have a need for peace, tranquility and physical and mental relaxation so, if you’re brave enough to go there, it could be the perfect colour to paint a statement wall! Use it sparingly and choose the shade wisely though as too much and it could make a room feel cold…
 Beautiful Blue disco beads
Universally, blue is understood to be the most liked colour due to it’s non-threatening nature, and happy days if it happens to be your favourite. It means you have a deep need for peace and harmony in your life making you reliable and trustworthy. We think that might just be the perfect combination!
And as for this majestically powerful gemstone, Blue Zircon is the most popular colour of Zircon which also comes in yellow, orange, brown, rose and green. As well as a gem that protects and encourages inner calm, it also has links with passion, understanding, romance and improving one’s social life. Perfect for when you get under the mistletoe! Medically it can protect against hormonal imbalance and even help to relieve pain, making it an all round truly positive and magical gemstone.
As it’s Christmas, and we’ve talked quite a bit now about colours and what they mean on the blog  we thought it would be fun to tell you about a little psychological experiment that might just get you thinking more about what colours mean to you.
colour experiment Disco Beads
We take the colours we’re drawn to for granted most of the time, but they actually show us more about ourselves than we think…
  • Get yourself a few different bits of coloured card or paper including gold, silver, black, white, copper. Basically as many colours as you can.
  • Write on one side what you associate with that colour. Whatever springs to mind will be the right choice. Go crazy too. The meanings can be anything at all - winning the lottery, cuddling a puppy, going on holiday, pets, babies, family, love. What you’ll find is the meaning that comes up is one you naturally associate with the colour you’re focussing on.
  • Then put them all face down, have a friend shuffle them and pick three out. Without looking at the meaning on the back, ask them to tell you what that colour means to them, then turn it over and see if you agree. You’ll be amazed what comes up!
2019 is all about colour, and lots of it, so watch this space for a whole lot more of the above!
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