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Top 10 Festival Essentials!

Top 10 Festival Essentials!

Hopefully it will stop raining soon, or will it? Apparently this is not even the wettest June on record! Apparently it was way worse in 2012. Surely not?! All I know is that my lawn is starting to look like a wild daisy meadow weve had that much rain. Ive mentioned a few choice festivals going on down in Cornwall this Summer, so I thought it only appropriate to offer some advice on how to prepare for a festival, whatever the weather!

Mud and wellies!  

Here are my Top 10 things you need to take to ensure youre covered for every eventuality. The first is obvious - sack that dainty over the shoulder purse and go rucsac, or do both? Just make sure youve got something big enough for this lot:

A Hat - this is always useful as it covers both rain and sun. Protection from UV damage as well as saving the hair from certain devastation when it rains.
Bin liners - not only do these carry away your rubbish, theyre also great to sit on if the ground is wet.
Wellies - many years ago the iconic Kate Moss was seen strolling backstage at Glastonbury wearing Hunter wellies and denim shorts, and ever since then its been a staple look at every festival, just dont forget to pop a pair of trousers in the rucsac for the evening. Shorts are great until it gets cold, something that whatever the weather is almost inevitable in this country post 6pm. Talking warmth, a compact fleece is always a handy addition to any festival kit too.
festival Toilet!
Loo roll - not only useful for the obvious, but handy to have with you to wipe off the mud.
Waterproofs - worse case scenario you can use bin liners, but coming prepared is obviously better. Pop that pac-a-mac in the bag, even if the sun is shining.
Sun cream - just in case. You never know!
Re-fillable water bottle. Water is free and good for you whatever the weather.
Snacks are always useful too, particularly if you want to avoid tucking into a mountain of Churros (saying that, I discovered these lovely doughnut stick things a couple of years ago and they are rather special, especially when dipped in chocolate).
So thats the practical - how about the fun stuff? Just like I pimped up my van  with the finishing touches, you can do the same!
festival sparkles!
If hats arent your thing, how about a sparkly head dress? Anything that sparkles really works at a festival. Great in the sunshine, and equally great in the rain.
Last but not least, the absolute essentials - Disco Beads! As per the sparkly head dress, rocking your reflective Disco Bead collection is a must at any festival. Gorgeous Anklets with trainers or flip flops, stackable bracelets, fluorescent baubles. Take your pick!
 festival wings!
Of course by the time Glastonbury happens (er - thatll be next week then!), the whole country will be bathed in glorious sunshine.
Talking Glastonbury - if youre going, dont forget to come and say hello. Well be there!


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