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The Power of Red - January’s Birthstone

The Power of Red - January’s Birthstone

So 2019 is off to a flying start already, and no wonder when the beautiful birthstone belonging to January is Garnet, and the colour leading the way is red! The combination of the two is not only strong, powerful and passionate, the stone’s energy centres around trust, self belief and deep friendship. The perfect combination.

Rosie Crow disco beads

@Rosiecrowmusic rocking a Red Disco beads mini Grad

Garnet is in fact mined in a whole rainbow of colours, but as bright red is one of the strongest hues associated with protection and grounding, it’s also the one that’s usually attached to January. Perfect to kick start the New Year with a bit of fire, and much needed now all the festivities are over, it’s back to work and spring still feels a long way away!

January Birth Stone Disco beads

Mined since the Bronze Age, Garnet was often carried by travellers for protection on the move. It was also believed Garnet had the power to ‘light up the night’ and fend off evil spirits so was regularly placed under beds and pillows. As a result, all these mystical powers have made Garnet one of the most popular gemstones to give as a gift, particularly in Victorian times when it became a popular feature in all sorts of jewellery. Garnet broaches were bang on trend back then.
Despite the length of time it’s been around, the word Garnet didn’t come about until the 14th Century and is derived from the word ‘gernet’ meaning dark red, which leads us nicely onto the magical powers of red. Quite simply, red rocks!
Red disco beads
Red is the densest colour in the whole spectrum with the lowest vibrational frequency . It’s also a hot colour and very stimulating because, despite the low vibrations, its density creates a lot of friction. This is what makes red so eye catching! It’s also why it needs to be used sparingly. Too much and it can over-stimulate! These stimulating capabilities are why it’s used on traffic lights, stop signs, fire engines and in advertising. Even the famous red carpet is there to heighten the visibility of anyone walking on it.
Disco beads Red
Quite simply, red invokes strong emotion and is a colour than can be associated as much with anger and fury (red rag to a bull and all that), but also love, passion and affairs of the heart. We can’t help but be attracted to red because our eyes can’t help but be drawn to it.
What us Disco Bead Fairies love most about red is it’s the colour of the Root Chakra. This is what really gives it power as it’s what keeps us rooted to the physical plane, hence the colour’s links to trust and deep friendship.
Disco beads Red
For all the reasons above, red is definitely not a colour for interiors. The only place it’s widely used is in theatres because it enhances excitement. Another reason why it’s popular in advertising!
Red has been around in fashion since fashion began making occasional appearances with a pop here and there. There’s no question about it, a red dress can shout sexy from the rooftops. But, going back to those low frequencies, it can also be warming so in these cold months ahead, why not give it a go and treat yourself to a thick pair of red socks?
We promise they really will make your feet feel warmer!
Love Lisa x
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