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The future depends on what you do today.

The future depends on what you do today.

We are all born equal, but we do not all feel equal.  As long as you are judging another, you yourself will be judged.  To find a way out of this conundrum is simple: accept everything about yourself and your life exactly as it is.  From this starting point of acceptance, look deeply within yourself to discover your guiding principles.  One way of doing this is to imagine that you are at your own funeral, and listening to your eulogy as written and read by a friend.  What characteristics or qualities would you most like them to say of you? 

be true to yourself

Do you wish to be loving, kind, truthful, compassionate, harmonious, caring, empathetic, sucessful, productive, creative, joyful, friendly, fun, passionate....?

From this point, like firing an arrow backwards, return to yourself today. 

How can you embody these principles? 

How can you be them in your everyday life? 

How can you engage with the world with them in mind?

Wake every morning, and say to yourself '" I am...." whatever your greatest intention is.  Then you have set the course consciously, like setting sail on your ship for the day.  No matter what the world throws at you, remember your intention, and choose the course of action that takes you closer to that.  In this way, you direct the meaning of your life by choosing to follow your own guiding principles.  At the end of each day, regardless of the outcome, you can look yourself in the eye and know that you did what was right for you.  

The only way out is in

This, my friends, is the ultimate empowerment.  If we were all to accept responsibility for ourselves, based on our highest and most noble intentions, what a world it may become.

I invite you to find your greatest intention, and to actively choose to become it by thinking, speaking and acting from it. 

You are your life's work, what will you make of it?



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