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The Fergy Fillies!

The Fergy Fillies!

You may have seen the wonderful pics from the Royal Cornwall Show of the amazing Fergy Fillies!   'Fergy' is short for Ferguson, and the Fergy Fillies are an amazing all women vintage Ferguson tractor display team!  Disco Beads are proud to be their sponsors, providing them with their very own spectrum to match their amazing locally embroidered outfits from St Mawgan Embroidery Company! Fergy Fillies

Some Fergy Filly Facts provided by a proud member!:

🚜There are 18 drivers in total.

🚜7 of the drivers had either never driven a tractor before joining Fergy Fillies or had only driven one once.

Fergy Fillies in Disco Beads

🚜 All of the drivers are Cornish maids although one of them ventured over the Tamar & has been making 180 mile round trips to come to practices!

🚜10 of the Fergy Fillies are horsewomen and 5 of them compete regularly at Dressage competitions. 3 of them also are a part of Cornwall Trec Groups Quadrille team. Quadrille is a team of four, costumed, sychronised riding to music and last year came second at the national championships... they obviously like routines & music!

🚜11 of the Fergy Fillies are Mummys, 2 are PREGNANT and 2 are Grannies!

🚜Our youngest driver is Nicky who is 19 years old... we don't know who the eldest is. We won't ask as they are all so young at heart!

Fergy Fillies display  tractor team


🚜 Fergy Fillies are all from different backgrounds and have different jobs in life. We have a retired teacher, construction buyer, farmer, Student, Matron, Sales administrator, stay at home Mum, candle maker, sales rep, carer for family members, the list and variety goes on and on... but most importantly they are all legends!

Where to see them next?

They have spent the Summer driving at a few different events and are looking forward to their home rally, the St Mawgan Steam & Vintage Rally which is this weekend, 16th & 17th September. Absolutely loads goes on at St Mawgan rally so why not follow them on Facebook to find out more?

The Fergy Fillies are an inspiration to us all...why not dare to be different and have some fun at the same time? 

Well done ladies, keep on tractorin'!

Fergy Fillies

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