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Talking Topaz

Talking Topaz

This is the time of year when pretty much everywhere you look, there’s orange. Orange leaves on the trees, orange sunsets, glowing orange pumpkins, so it’s probably no surprise that our November birthstone colour is… orange! Those of you lucky enough to be born in this wonderful month are also blessed with having one of the most powerful gems too - Topaz. Polished, Topaz is blue, but in its raw form (Golden or Imperial Topaz), it’s the most beautiful and tranquil shade of orange, and its healing qualities are second to none.

 Topaz Disco Beads Birthstone

Before we talk Topaz though, what about the colour? Orange is what happens when you mix red and yellow and, as red is all about energy, and yellow, the mind, the resulting orange is energy focused by the mind. This makes it a pretty powerful colour, particularly at this time of year when we’re coping with so much change as the clocks go back, the landscape moves on, and we get ready for winter.
Interestingly, the combination of red, yellow and orange is often used by fast food restaurants. (Just think of the MacDonald’s logo!) This is because orange stimulates the appetite, yellow helps in decision making, and red makes you eat faster!
Orange in the aura relates to the sacral chakra that’s all about social relationships and brain power, just be careful not to surround yourself with too much of it as it can also over-stimulate…  We recently posted about colour and mentioned wavelengths and frequencies, well you probably won’t be surprised to know that orange is right up there with red in terms of power and density. It’s definitely not the colour to paint a relaxation space! The odd pop of energetic orange works well though. Orange is also a popular colour for public spaces to use as it’s warm, and helps with social interaction. 
Like any colour, there are a multitude of shades (including the gorgeous Coral! ), but with orange, the deeper and brighter it is, the more stimulating, whereas a gentle shade like peach can have the opposite effect, making orange a hugely versatile colour too when it comes to energy.
In a nutshell, orange balances emotions, broadens and focuses the mind, raises motivation, increases vitality, and is guaranteed to always lift your spirits, and put a spring in your step when you most need it.
Unlike last month’s colour, pink , orange has less of a history when it comes to fashion. In art, however, it’s the opposite. In 1797, a French scientist discovered a mineral called lead chromate which led to the creation of the synthetic pigment, chrome orange. Then in 1841, the metal paint tube came along and, boom, suddenly artists had access to a whole range of new pigments, including orange.
In 1872 Claude Monet painted the famous Impression, Sunrise depicting a tiny bright orange sun in a big sky, which kick started the whole Impressionist movement. Post-impressionist, orange became a firm favourite of Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh (who used it a lot!), Cezanne and Toulouse-Lautrec. 
Now onto the glorious Topaz, November’s stunning gem, and the one we based our design on for this month’s birthstone necklace .Topaz is, literally, one of the most powerful stones there is when it comes to healing. Full of clarity and honesty, its energy is mellow and empathetic. Topaz is soothing and stimulating, re-charging the body and mind to bring it into perfect alignment. Quite often, in our fast paced World, this is a state of being we often loose sight of.
november birthstone Disco beads
Topaz can cut through doubt and help shed light on your future, and it’s due to this ability to guide you along the right path whilst holding your hand that it’s also rightly known as the stone of love and good fortune.
Another reason it’s the perfect gem for this month, being a month where we remember those who have lost their lives in War, is its aid towards openness and sharing enabling you to spread the love you receive. In fact, beautifully balancing and stabilising, Topaz makes you receptive to love from all around you, inside and out.
Even if you aren’t a November babe, no question about it, orange is the way to go for energy, peace and a renewed positive direction to help you face out the cold, and make the most of the year to come.
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