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Supporting With Love

Supporting With Love

As you all know, spreading the love is what we’re about. It’s our mantra in everything we do. Every bead we thread is threaded with love, and every design comes from the same place. Our funky reflective jewellery glows with good vibes, power, positivity and support, and it’s that glow that passes the love onto anyone who happens to catch it. Have a read of the last guest blog post from our gorgeous US super fan, Mary Beth. She got caught in the glow one day, and the rest is history!

Choose Kindness

But it’s not just about the feel good factor, not that we don’t need a bit of that at the moment as winter holds us in its icy grip (yep - it even snowed in Cornwall. It never snows in Cornwall!), the glow of the bead can benefit anyone, anytime, anywhere.

We love nothing more than collaborating with individuals, not just artists (although that is quite fun), but also those who want to spread the love for someone else. A good cause, for example. Back in 2017 we partnered up with the Cornwall Down's Syndrome Support Group (CDSSG).

Over twenty years ago, the CDSSG was established in Cornwall to help support the families and carers of those born with Down’s Syndrome. Now its work includes helping and advising teachers, running groups and social clubs for Down’s Syndrome children of all ages, and even launching publications that encourage inclusion through education.
Love Disco Beads
Most importantly, one of their main aims is to raise awareness, and that’s where we came in. They approached us and asked us to design a bracelet for them in order to do just that, so we took our boldest blue bead (protection, confidence, stability and positivity) and created a simple single bead on thread bracelet. (That also went on to raise £561 for their charity!) You can read the story here.
CDSG Custom bracelets
But it’s not just charities and organisations, it’s individuals too. Towards the end of last year we were approached by a lady from America (the very same lady who wrote our guest blog - see above!). The glow of the Disco Bead had helped her make friends when she started a new job (they clearly couldn’t resist the glow!), and she then went on to commission an extra special bracelet from us for one of those friends to help raise money towards a vital operation for a family member.
Deanne fundraiser
With our beautiful beads and a light sprinkling of fairy dust, we can create a piece of jewellery bespoke for you, your organisation, or anything in fact. A school team, a choir, a group of friends, a special birthday party. You can choose the colours, the design, and even add your own little detail, like a lucky charm.
Whether the aim is to raise money, awareness, or simply just to spread the love, if you or anyone you know might be interested, please get in touch and together we can help spread that love far and wide :)
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