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Sunset Brewing Company - an inspirational small local business!

Sunset Brewing Company - an inspirational small local business!

Here in Cornwall we are a pretty entrepreneurial lot!  Instead of jumping into the rat race, we like to create our own opportunities!

New to the fold is Dan Piper with his epic Sunset Brewing Company, a micro-brewery from just round the corner from us here in Mawgan Porth! 

"Our beers are produced with precision and purpose in a pocket-sized brewery in Cornwall. A small batch production process means we can ensure the consistency and quality of the finished product - delivering a delicate, nuanced balance of flavours in every mouthful."

Sunset Brewing Company - making ale on a pocket-sized scale

Now I am not usually one for drinking beer, but when I sampled his Archipelago XPA I couldn't believe how fruity and delicious it was!  He has really created an awesome flavour, here's what he says about it:

"A sophisticated, refreshing pale ale with a crisp citrus flavor and a twist of tropical pineapple. Caramel malts give it its inviting copper hue. Crisp, elegant and complex; perfect for savouring at sundown."

Sunset Brewery company's Archipelago XPA - Beautiful fruity beer

 Not only does it taste great, but it has a truly sexy packaging that lends itself perfectly to a unique Disco Beads spectrum to celebrate his launch!  For your chance to WIN a three bottle gift pack with matching Mini-grad and bracelet Bundle, just enter here!

Sunset Brewing Company competition with Disco Beads

So for your chance to sample a truly exceptional beer, go to your local stockist and ask for Archipelago XPA!  You can get them here:

Sunset Beers are crisp, elegant and complex prefect for savouring at sundown. 

Got your own ideas for a business? Follow Dan's inspiration and read about the support he got here.

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