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Snapping the Perfect Selfie!

Snapping the Perfect Selfie!

Ever taken a selfie, looked at it the next day, and wish you hadnt been quite so hasty in posting it? I know I have! When the angles all wrong and youve basically taken a photo of your nostrils? Or half your face is in shadow? Or youve missed your face completely? You know the ones.

So this year, weve decided to offer some top tips to help you capture yourself in all your true glory. Selfies you can post and be proud of...and send one to us for your chance to win a £25 Voucher!

 take a glowing photo! Disco Beads
First up, lighting is KING! The best light for a truly healthy glow is natural light, so by a window is a good spot. Make sure its not glaring sunshine though as too harsh and it can make you look washed out, or create a shadow. Any sort of shadow should always be avoided. Using a flash should be avoided too if possible, unless youre showing off your Disco Beads of course, then a flash is a must!!!
One of the best tips out there on lighting is to frame up your shot, and then move around to find the best light for you before you take it. Filters can help on the lighting front too.
selfie tips disco beads
Next, think about the angle. The most flattering is to hold the phone slightly above you and look up at it, and even extend your neck a bit. Another good angle is to hold the phone out to the side and then look at it. Whatever you do, dont look down at your phone. Not ever! (Youll thank us for that one).
Disco Beads Selfie Comp 
Now youve found your light and your angle, its onto the hard bit. The facial expressionFor some, a selfie just isnt a selfie without a pout but unless youve got a good pout, dont go there. The best look is just a completely natural relaxed smile, and try raising your eyebrows a tad too to open up your eyes. Talking eyes, dont forget to look at the lens rather than the screen.
Finally, the golden rule is to do it early on when youre looking your absolute best, and take lots. Lots and lots!
Oh, and if its a group selfie youre after, all the same tips apply but, unless you or a friend have very long arms, use a stick (or a broom handle will do!).
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