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Silent Disco Yoga!

Silent Disco Yoga!

The amazing Stretch and Jen from Ocean Flow Yoga, Newquay, have added a whole new dimension to their practice by promoting 'Silent Disco Yoga'!   Of course we here at Disco Beads can't think of anything better....headphones on, yoga mat down, FUNKY YOGA!  

Stretch Headstand Surfing from Tom Harvey on Vimeo.

Not only do they provide cool uplifting tunes, great moves and amazing people to practice with...but they also choose the BEST SETTINGS!

Our first adventure into Silent  Disco Yoga took place at the Eden Project, with hundreds of people spaced around the Temperate Biome to enjoy the incredible setting and the energy of so many happy yogis together!

Silent Disco Yoga Eden Project

Fistral Beach is another setting that is hard to beat!  Imagine the sun shining down whilst the surf crashes, and a hundred down-ward doggers stretch out in salutation!

Fistral Beach Silent Disco Yoga

So this weekend they have teamed up with the Bedruthan Hotel to create the next evening of Silent Disco Yoga that you won’t forget! The  practice will be  on their beautiful lawned area set high up on the cliffs overlooking the ocean,  followed by an outdoor evening barbecue and a juice bar.

Bedruthan Steps Hotel Silent Disco Yoga

The beauty of these events is that you don’t need to be an expert to come along, indeed they regularly have people who have never done yoga!

Ticket prices are £12 for adults and children under ten can come for £6... always best to book to gaurentee a space, you can BOOK HERE!

Come along to say 'Namaste'....we will be there with some of  the Disco Fairies providing a 'glitter bar' and where better to introduce our new Disco Beads Mindfulness range?



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