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Purple Intuition - February’s Birthstone

Purple Intuition - February’s Birthstone

Sorry it’s a bit late, but all the February festivities have kept us Disco Fairies pretty busy! We also thought that with the transition between this month and the next being where it’s really at, you wouldn’t mind :) We’re on the cusp of Spring! Yay! The time when everything starts to wake up again. Daffodils emerge out of nowhere and wild garlic spreads like a delicious blanket of the most luscious green. We’ve been blessed this year with some amazing weather too enabling us to literally smell the change of season in the air. Full of the perfume of snowdrops and crocuses. The colours are arriving thick and fast. This year there’s also been a few early birds to the party. Swallows were spotted down here in the South West, and they don’t usually appear till the end of March. The odd House Martin too, and he doesn’t normally arrive till April. Hard to believe that this time last year we were shivering our socks off in the ‘Beast from the East’! And the best news… the clocks spring forward on March 31st. Double yay!!

Disco Daffodils!

But we’re jumping ahead here. What about February? Well this month’s gem is Amethyst. The all round good egg of the gem world. The gem of plenty, there to guide us through a smooth and trouble free transition into spring. Mostly it is considered a protective stone linked to the crown chakra which governs our subconscious mind, spiritual intuition and ability to manage change. It’s often referred to as ‘The Intuitive Eye’ because of its link to our spiritual awareness. The stone itself is found all over the world, hence its rich history. Because of the deep purple colour and reflective beauty, it has been used decoratively since 25,000 BC. It wasn’t until later civilisations that it became the stone of opulence. A show of wealth and power, and is widely  recognised as one of the reasons purple is the colour (alongside red) associated with Royalty.

In Feng Shui (the Chinese practice of harmonising the home), Amethyst is used to encourage wealth and abundance by being placed in the ‘wealth corner’. According to the practice, the wealth corner can be found at the south east of any room, home, office or garden. We love a bit of Feng Shui as it’s all about using colour and energy to balance and enhance your environment, but more on that another time…

Birthstone Necklace Disco beads

You know how we said Amethyst was a good all-rounder? Well here’s a list of what this wonderful stone can help with: General protection and guarding against negative energies; Stress and anxiety due to its ability to balance; The aiding of restful sleep, curing insomnia and nightmares; Encouraging mental focus and the stimulation of new ideas. The list goes on. See - an all-round good egg!

So, of course, February’s beautiful birthstone is our stunning purple bead.

Which leads us onto the wonderfully intuitive colour, purple. As I said above, purple has long been considered a colour linked to wealth and opulence, but it’s also one that has roots in all things spiritual. Purple appears in churches, synagogues, mosques and temples alike as it crosses all religions and faiths as a colour associated with spirituality, whatever you take that to be.

Quite simply, violet in the spectrum is the highest vibration of light, although using it in the home (unless it’s a statement pop) is not to be advised as it can dominate everything else it’s that powerful. I don’t know if it’s a colour you wear, but it has the same effect there too. That said, it’s a good colour to wear to interviews as it gets you noticed, and screams confidence, mental focus and calm!
Purple is both powerfully protective and clearing at the same time. It’s helpful and supportive and the perfect shade to hold our hand and guide us gently through our exciting year ahead.
Happy springtime everyone!
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