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Pimp That Van!

Pimp That Van!

I reckon I’ve wanted a camper van pretty much my entire adult life, and that’s quite a long time now. It’s the freedom of it all that has always appealed. My own little home on wheels I could just nip off in whenever I fancied. However, living in London as I did back then meant life wasn’t really conducive to owning a camper, but then I moved to Cornwall where I joyfully discovered camper vans are almost obligatory (particularly if there’s a surf board tied to the roof!).

For four years I’ve been watching streams of campers buzzing about. I’ve even been to see a couple with a view to buying them, but somehow knew that one day the right one would come up, and then it did! A black Ford transit beautifully converted by a super talented builder friend of mine. Complete with crafted storage space (and hanging rail!), a sink, a cooker, ceiling lights and a solar panel on the roof, needless to say it didn’t take much persuasion on my part and a month ago I took possession of the glorious Betty! Finally I’m in the camper van gang, and I love it!

Lisa's van Disco Beads

It wasn’t just owning a van and all the adventure potential that goes with it though, it was the kitting it out bit too that excited me, and it turns out it really is as much fun as I’d hoped it would be. With bright green as the colour of choice, I came away with pots, pans, whistling kettle, mugs, cups, chairs, chopping board, cutlery, plates. The lot. (Thankfully I had a friend with me who questioned the potato peeler. I had to agree that the chances of me ever peeling potatoes on a camping trip were pretty low, so I put it back.)
With every other practical box ticked and all bases covered, it was time to move onto the magic. Those finishing touches that will make Betty feel like home. It was time to pimp up my van! Fairy lights - tick. Brightly coloured cushions - tick. Jazzy rug - tick. Prancing unicorn dashboard decoration - tick. Shiny happy sparkly Disco Bead decs - tick!
As festivals are our thing, van pimping is something that’s very close to the hearts of all of us Disco Fairies, some of whom have been working hard on a few gorgeous decorations to brighten every home, wheels or no wheels!
There’s the Dream Maker Decoration (based on the Native American dream catcher), Wicker Hearts  in all sorts of colours, Birds in every colour , and then there are the guardian Drop Angels
Disco Decorations
I think the protective nature of an angel makes it a must for any camper van, and it just so happens that green (my colour of choice!) is also the colour for travel, health and the great outdoors. So...we have added an Emerald Green Teardrop Angel to our collection especially as a Guardian Angel for travel! It also happens to have been the colour of MayMeant to be!
So with my van all sorted, and a Disco Bead Angel guiding me on my way, it’s time for my first outing this weekend with the dogs in tow. Watch this space!
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