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Perfecting the Christmas Feast

Perfecting the Christmas Feast

So we’ve covered creative gifting and how this year should be all about adding that personal touch. We’ve also covered how to deal with Secret Santa and jazz yourself up for that all-important Christmas do, but what about the main event? The one that suddenly creeps up on you and has you running to the corner shop on Christmas Eve for Cranberry Sauce? Christmas dinner!!

 Disco Beads Christmas

If you’re the one putting it all together, whether you eat at lunchtime or in the evening, or somewhere in between, don’t you find it amazing how there never seems to be enough time? All of us at Disco Beads HQ fully support the idea of early list making. Get one pinned up in the kitchen asap, and just add to it when something pops into in your head. Bet you’ll find all sorts of interesting things on it by the time you get to the shops. Bits you’d never have thought of on the hop!

Of course it goes without saying that we’re also big into the idea of shopping local too. Guaranteed the veg will last longer and the Turkey will be way tastier if you do, plus it will make all our lovely local farmers happy and keep our High Streets as buzzy as they should be.
Disco beads Christmas
If you’re thinking less meat, more veggie, rather than buying one in, how about making your own? I’m no cook and even I managed a rather splendid nut roast last year. In fact it tasted so good, the meat eaters tucked in too!
For a traditional nut roast and an easy-to-follow recipe, head to the BBC
Or, if you fancy something a little more spiced up, Jamie Oliver has a good one for a nut roast that packs a punch…
But it’s not just about the food; it’s what’s on the table too, and the sparklier the better! There are a few lovely ideas here on some table decorations you can make yourself.
And how about adding some Disco Bead magic to the table too?! Our beautiful Diamante Long  would do just the trick, plus you get to wear it afterwards!
Finally, everyone loves a cracker, but not everyone needs another set of nail clippers or a tiny plastic magnifying glass (we’re still not sure what that’s about!), so going back to our idea of trying not to give gifts that are of no use whatsoever, how about you make your own, and pop a little Disco Bead gift inside instead? Of course there are plenty of kits out there, but we think proper make your own is where it’s at.
Disco Beads Chistmas Cracker
Then all you need to do is choose the insides! Earrings, keyrings, bracelets, decorations. We’ve got lots of funky little bits that will fit perfectly, and feel altogether more personal. You could even add your guest’s names to the crackers for that extra touch.
Disco beads wine Glass charms
For those planning on partaking in a Christmas tipple, how about giving everyone a wineglass charm? We’ve even got extra special ones for Christmas too. This means your guests will not only get something useful, they’ll stick to using the same glass thus saving on the washing up! Win, win!
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