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Partying On!

Partying On!

Tis the season to be jolly, and go to lots of parties! Theres no getting away from it. From now until January 1st, its going to be full on. In our recent Mindfulness post youll find a useful little exercise to give your brain a break, but what about your body?

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If theres one word that gets banded about a lot at this time of year, its excess, but being a bit mindful over what you consume can make all the difference. Show your bod some love, and we promise youll be wowing everyone with your Christmas sparkle!

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Thinking about what were putting in often goes out of the window when were whirling around from one social gathering to the next, and this can lead to party burnout, but the reason for that unwelcome lethargy isnt just the amount of alcohol weve drunk, its the food weve eaten, or rather not eaten. So easy is it during the festive season to go flat out on the carbs, we forget about the fruit, veg and grain that help our body deal with all the other stuff we throw at it! Basically, the golden rule to it all is love your liver. After all, its your liver that does all the hard work.
We found a really useful article here on the fabulous Delicious with some top tips on what foods to eat to keep your energy levels up. 
So, now youre buzzed and full of the party gusto, glamming it up with some sexy sparkle will be a breeze! Get that little black dress out, slip on the mules and youre hot to trot, or maybe not? Accessorising really is where its at. You can completely change how you feel about what youre wearing with some sparkly add ons, and we think weve got the perfect one. The totally eye-catching Mini Grad necklace. The length means it hangs with almost any neckline and looks just as good topping off a trouser suit as it does a fancy frock. Check out the beautiful blues too if you want to glow with our super powerful December colour!
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Of course, these days no Christmas party outfit is complete without a selfie, and weve got some handy hints coming up on taking that perfect pic, so watch this space.
Lisa x
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