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new you

New Year... New You?!

As the new year begins and we wave goodbye to 2016, we all vow to begin this year fresh with a healthy new outlook.

For some this means starting a diet.. (which we all know will only last till February!)

Some decide on something more drastic like kicking that habit such as drinking or smoking (we say this as were still sweating the New Year Eve antics out of our system)

But for most it's the time to embrace a change and make the 12 months ahead a year to remember…….

New Years Resolution - Dieting
Plan small tasks for the new year

I don't believe in making resolutions and believe small manageable tasks we can achieve will feel like we have accomplished a lot more...

Booking that holiday early so we have something to look forward to?

Ticking something off my bucket list

Start a new hobby or course………..

I always like to embrace the new seasons fashion or look ahead to what i may rock this year..Shorter hair, a new colour trend to finish my every look.

Disco Beads are always updating their jewellery collections with seasonal catalogues that are bursting with a look for every moment throughout the upcoming year….. could i finally pull off that Gunmetal choker i want to wear so much to relive my 90s childhood or can i finally wow in Green as i long for Spring?

Watch this Space Bead Fans and Fairies alike……….2017 here we come!!

Much love and Happy New Year to you all

Josie x
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