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National Bird Feeding Month!

National Bird Feeding Month!

February…...It’s the month of the Chinese new year, Groundhog Dog, Valentine’s Day, MY Birthday…...but I’ve chosen to write about Bird Feeding….!

Some of you are probably thinking twitching…. weird hobby, I'm not saying we all have to go out and get a bird book and a pair of binoculars but just the simple task of noticing birds around you daily can be a nice reminder that nature is always around us.

Have you ever noticed that around Valentine’s Day is the exact time that all the birds are starting to couple up?  That shows that it really is the start of Spring, so all our feathery friends are starting to prepare their nests and get ready for their broods. Obviously this is  a really important time to look out for them and make sure they get enough nourishment.

Robin at Heligan Garden Cornwall

Birds are everywhere, pigeons in the local park, the pet parrot of a neighbour, a winter robin perched on the tree outside the window... I am very blessed to live near the sea so we have a constant stream of sea birds in and around the beautiful coast. You don’t have to go far to notice a bird, as Spring is around the corner and the weather gets warmer if you open your window in the morning and listen you will hear the sweet sound of a bird song!

 Parrot with Disco beads!

Feeding the birds is easy, whether you and the kids make a bird feeder out of peanut butter smothered pine cones and place it in your garden or just on your window sill, it will attract some fly by visitors. I love to visit the local duck pond on a weekend, bring your leftover bread, pack a picnic….just watch out for seagull attack!  Why not make Sunday this weekend the day where you go out and feed the birds?

We love being inspired by nature here at Disco Beads.  This month we are doing a Little Wren Necklace for a limited time only, they come in 5 different colours and look super cute.  So why not release your inner twitcher and rock a little wren?

Little Wren

We also have our original pewter Bird Pendants which come complete with a sterling silver snake chain and gift box.  Or even our Bubble Owl Pendant...You know you want twoo!!!!

Disco Beads Bird Pendant

Enjoy being out and about, happy twitching !

Big love



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